Lift off at Leamington Primary Computing Week!

MGL’s Teaching Team recently enjoyed a great week of fun computing activities, with the lovely children at Leamington Primary School in Norris Green, Liverpool. Working with all year groups throughout the school, the children used a variety of technologies across the week to enhance their understanding of the importance of computing in the modern world. … Continued

Innovation and Creativity at MGL’s Spring Term Conference 2017!

Friends old and new joined us from across the region, at our schools training day hosted in the new Main Stand at the Village Hotel, Ashton-under-Lyne. Delegates enjoyed a range of fun and interactive workshops throughout the day, showcasing innovation and creativity through the use of technology across the curriculum. As expected, teachers were thrilled with … Continued

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Education

MGL’s teaching team have taken the technology of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) – initially introduced in the gaming industry – and adapted it for use in partner schools across the North West. VR uses the senses of sight and sound to create a real-world viewing experience accessed through tablet technology or 3D glasses such as … Continued

Record School Numbers Benefitting from MGL’s Broadband Service

The early part of this year has seen MGL increase its broadband coverage to local schools to record numbers! This includes a significant number of partner schools in Merseyside taking advantage of our fast, reliable and low-price Primary Link service that gives teachers the flexibility to maximise broadband use in the classroom. Among the recent additions to MGL’s … Continued

The Future is now at the MGL Spring Conference 2016!

A big thank you to all school delegates and suppliers who made our March conference at Anfield a huge success. Braving the heaviest snowfall in Liverpool this year, delegates listened to a series of inspirational speakers who set out the impact of technology in classroom learning and school attainment. Keynote speakers included:  Ash Merchant, one of the leading … Continued

MGL Mobile Now Open!

MGL can now offer teachers, schools, students and even parents the latest mobiles at Our online store offers the latest mobile deals from a range of suppliers including Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Sony and Blackberry – and we’re not just there for mobile phones. The site also offers a range of tablet devices including Android and … Continued

3D Printing in the Classroom!

3D printing is becoming more prevalent and important in all areas of society, from the world of medicine through to the development of new engineering and manufacturing products. For schools, MGL believe that 3D printing can be a powerful tool in supporting the teaching and learning of key concepts in computing, design and technology, and … Continued

Students, Computers and Learning

The shockwaves formed and the ripples have been felt across staff rooms up and down the country. The OECD has spoken and have told us what wise old sages and cynics alike have known since the mid-1990s. Computers in schools are useless and what’s more, there is not one single piece of evidence to argue … Continued

Ofsted-Compliant School Websites

Is your school website compliant with Ofsted’s mandatory requirements? MGL have a clear understanding and proven record of developing Ofsted compliant school websites that work effectively for those who will use it. Whether it’s  a website audit and refresh of your current school site or a complete redesign that you require, MGL have the solution … Continued

The Value Of Minecraft Edu As A Teaching Tool

Most teachers will have heard their pupils talking about Minecraft – but how many have yet to apply this software into their school’s curriculum? The MGL teaching team have adapted Minecraft Edu to take the commercial product of Minecraft and tailors it specifically for classroom use – providing the teacher with complete control via a … Continued