Booker Avenue Junior School Case Study (Open PDF)

Moor Nook Primary School

Moor Nook Primary School, Preston first started working with MGL during the 2012/3 Academic Year. Until then, the school had worked with various, local providers who worked in a small number of local schools but on seeing what other schools in other areas were achieving, felt that this approach was stifling the way in which they delivered the curriculum. The school’s Headteacher, Mrs Horne explains, “In our school, it felt like we’d begun to associate ICT with ‘problems’. Things didn’t work, teachers were frustrated and we were in real danger of children becoming bored. I couldn’t necessarily blame our existing technician as he was busy enough during his visits and equally there was enthusiasm in the staff room to move things on but perhaps without the understanding of what was possible.”


MGL worked with the school to:

  • Redevelop their whole school infrastructure including:
  • Decommissioning of existing school Network Server
  • Build and installation of new Network Server
  • Design and implementation of Meru Wireless Network
  • Provision of iPads to support handheld learning
  • Storage and synching units to manage and control iPad use
  • Regular visiting service from a named MGL Technician
  • Regular visiting support from a named MGL Teaching Consultant


MGL’s team of professional, dedicated technical and solutions consultants focus on ensuring that technology works for schools and enhance the way in which the curriculum is delivered. The primary aim of our service is that the burden of technical support is removed from teachers allowing them to use technology confidently. In Moor Nook, this confidence in technology has led to greater use of the network and of new tools such as the iPads. This has not only enhanced the learning opportunities for pupils but has also increased the enthusiasm of those in the staff room.