MGL have been providing hardware solutions to schools for nearly 20 years. We aren’t linked to any individual manufacturer meaning that we can provide your school with the best the market can provide, not just the best from a certain brand. All of our school projects are designed and delivered by our team meaning you don’t have to worry about co-coordinating and managing complex implementations.

In light of budget pressures facing many schools, MGL supports an increasing number of schools in providing affordable leasing solutions. This allows schools to maintain their use of the latest technology without incurring large capital spending costs.

Our range of services and products include:


LAN & WAN Networking

From design through to implementation our team develops networks specifically for your school

Wireless Networking

Robust, cost-effective Wi-Fi solutions to support mobile learning in your school

Laptops and PCs

Broad range of devices from a variety of brands to offer the best the market has available

Interactive Screens

From IWBs to Screens we work across the market to offer the solution which meets your needs

AV Solutions

From in-class projection to digital signage and Hall sound and lighting

Handheld Learning

Considering all aspects of tablets from device through to storage and app management

Device Encryption

Protect all of your devices all of the time

Hardware Leasing

A cost effective solution to accessing the latest hardware and managing your school budget

Cloud Backup

Keep data safe and secure with rapid recovery should the worse happen

We told MGL what we wanted to do and they delivered the rest - from the carpeting in the suite through to the Wireless Network, everything was managed by a single person who agreed timescales with us and let us know where we were at every step of the way.

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