Phone Systems

MGL delivers robust and flexible phone systems that provide great service and value to schools

MGL supports schools across the region, in providing state-of-the-art school telephony systems. We can install and maintain Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions that can be used across all departments of your school, providing a unified communications system that reduces annual service and call costs. 

VoIP is a phone system delivered across your existing internet connection. For the end user, the call process is no different to a traditional phone system. Through VoIP, the call quality for caller and recipient is unchanged. 

The benefits of a MGL VoIP system for your school would include: 

  • Reduced costs with a transparent breakdown of all charges 
  • The latest VoIP technologies for school’s using desktop or mobile phones 
  • A phone network that is scalable to your school’s requirements 
  • Greater efficiency through features such as on-hold messaging, voice-to-email, and Caller ID/forwarding 
  • Lines across school, including each classroom if required 
  • The ability to easily redirect incoming calls – to a mobile device if necessary – so staff are not tied to a particular desk or location 

MGL will manage the transition from your old to new phone system, ensuring that there is no disruption of service. 

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