Technical Support

Our technical support is second to none, delivering the best solution in the right way at the right time

MGL is the leading, independent provider of technical support services to schools across the Northwest. We have been providing technical support, advice and guidance since 1998 and our team of technicians has over 300 years of school specific experience.

MGL’s Technical Service Includes:

On Site Network Management

Our team of expert infrastructure technicians visit our sites on a regular basis from fortnightly to multiple times per week. These visits are a minimum of 3 hours per session. During this onsite time the technicians ensure that the network is running smoothly and that any issues are not only resolved but prevented from happening in the future.

Remote Helpdesk Support

Our MGL helpdesk is open from 8am until 5.30pm, Monday – Friday. This enables us to assist our schools as and when required. We use an online helpdesk system whereby schools can log tickets and our technicians can prioritise and assist with resolution of issues outside of the regular visits from our on site technicians.

Infrastructure & Development Advice

The planning and development of a school’s hardware infrastructure and technology is key to the future proofing the school’s system and the learning environment. Our procurement consultants work closely with our technicians to create a bespoke action plan for each school to ensure that the network infrastructure is current and secure.

Cyber Security & System Maintenance

Cybersecurity is becoming more and more important to education. We work with our schools to ensure they adhere to the DfE minimum standards for Cyber Security. This includes policy, protocol, filtration, password management and system access. Our technicians work with senior leadership to make sure that these processes are in place to prevent any attack.

ISP, Internet Filtration & Firewall

Managing and monitoring the internet filtration is important to safeguarding everyone on site. It is now the responsibility of the school or educational institution to make sure that the appropriate level of web filtration is in place. At MGL our technicians work with you to create a resolute and bespoke filtration system that fits inline with your policy and curriculum needs.

Office 365 & G-Suite Support

Our onsite technicians and helpdesk team plan and assist with the migration of school data from the onsite physical server (shared drives) to the cloud. Managing, securing and accessing data is much easier when using the cloud and there are no hardware or software implications that restrict access to your data regardless of your location.

Networking, Wireless

The reliance on using WiFi access across the network is growing as schools have many more WiFi enabled devices. Our technicians maintain and manage the network to ensure that coverage is consistent. As a DfE partner, we are currently part of the Connect The Classroom project which provides schools in specific areas across the country access to a new high speed WiFi system, installed for free FREE.

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Device Management

Wireless devices such as iPads, other tablets and Chromebooks are more and more popular in schools. At MGL our technicians ensure that all devices are centrally managed and maintained. Installing apps and managing access to these devices is all managed via MDM software such as JAMF either onsite or remotely.

Our Technical Support gives schools the confidence that technology will work as expected when expected.

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